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How to start a coupon focused website

One of the finest online careers you can have is in affiliate marketing!

But have you ever wondered why some affiliates can make $10,000 per day while others are lucky to make $1?

I mean, look at this screenshot!

the screen was published by shoutmeloud and they say the earnings are just from one product 😎

Do you believe that the key is to attract traffic? Let’s speculate together.

Maybe… However, I can assure you that the majority of marketers nowadays are adept at running advertisements, whether on Facebook, Google, or even driving free traffic using SEO!

But more than just traffic, the marketing strategy plays a crucial role in making 4 figures a day from affiliate commissions.

I’ll give you an explanation,

Returning to the person earning $1 per day.

Most of the time, we’ll discover that this individual is making a concerted effort to share his affiliate link everywhere, whether in Facebook groups or elsewhere. Some even create display advertising in an effort to market it, but they fail to generate any results!

The Super Affiliate, on the other hand, generates more than 4 figures per day, and his primary focus is how to assist the client in solving his problem. He then looks for offers that have this issue and markets them as a result.

Now you’re going to ask me: What issues do customers have that I need to address in order to make respectable money and develop into a terrific affiliate?

You should be aware that the customer’s issues never go away, but rather than attempting to address all of them, you should focus on one problem and find a solution to it; the bigger the problem you solve, the higher the return.

Generally speaking, based on my expertise in this industry, I’ve discovered that the customer needs to receive the finest deal

Our role is to make sure to assist him in obtaining a discount deal and help him resolve this issue!

I believe you may now begin to understand the concept! 😉

This is how the concept of developing coupon websites came to light!

What you will need is a website tailored for this business model. In fact, the website is the key to succeed in this business model. It will be designed to do everything. All you have to do is find good deals from companies you want to work with, add some keywords so the customer will find you easily when he types, for example, “bluehost coupon codes 2022,” or even try some specific keywords so you can rank first, as there is no competition for a lot of keywords and this business model is still hidden and no one talks about it. You will provide the consumer with a discount code when they make a purchase through your affiliate link! and you will get a commission 💸.

This is an example how the coupons will look like on your website.

In this approach, the consumer will begin hunting for you in order to buy from you and receive the coupons that you are providing for them, rather than you hunting for him.

Say, for instance, that your website specializes in offering SHEIN Shop discount coupons.

Do you know how many people look for SHEIN coupons, by the way?

In America alone, there are over 80,000 people searching for coupons for the SHEIN shop, as seen in the image below, while there are millions of people searching worldwide!

Now imagine that you own a coupon-focused website and that every time someone searches for that term, you come up #1 in the search results.

In this scenario, you will drive thousands of people to your website each month!

Let’s say that 50K people search for the term you chose, and let’s say that just 500 people who click on your link will make a purchase (5%).

Let’s do the math.

500 * 100$ = 50.000$

Let’s be pessimistic and assume that just 100 people who click on your link will make a purchase, and the commission is just $50  instead of $100.

50*100 = 5000$ + monthly

As you can see, we can accomplish the equivalent of five figures every month without spending a single penny on advertising thanks to data from a single website that focuses on one launch.

I believe you now share my understanding of the power of this industry—or, more precisely, the trick to a Super Affiliate’s amazing success!

I believe that you now fully comprehend the procedure with me, but the trickiest part of everything I have just described to you is how to make it happen automatically.

So now you will ask me, “What do I need to start this business as it is still not crowded?”

You need only two things:

  • a profitable affiliate program to sign up for (make sure the competition is low as well).
  • a website that is designed for this business model

Here is some example of how your website will look like:


You can get a web designer to design the website for you, but it will cost you at least $300 to $400.

Fortunately, we are offering free website creation and design for a short time when you get your hosting through our link.

You don’t have to pay a cent other than your hosting from Greengeeks.com.

What you will get if you choose to get your hosting through our affiliate link:

  • a complete coupon-focused website tailored for this business model.
  • how you can get good, valid coupons.
  • a complete guide on how you can place those coupon codes on your website.

Now, From where can we get valid coupon codes?

Well, that’s a one of the secrets we keep to share just with our clients or the ones who chose to get their hosting from our affiliate link.

You probably won’t find anyone to tell you about what I just shared with you, and the reason for this is that building a coupon site where everything I just described happens automatically is a very complicated process that takes a lot of developing, programming expertise, and money to complete.

The site that will serve as your tool for achieving outstanding outcomes in this sector holds the key to the entire puzzle!

You will need hosting anyway. What we are offering can’t be found anywhere. A hosting discount via our link + a free domain + free website creation worth $300. (This offer won’t last forever; you can check our regular prices on our website, ziridesign.com )


I could design a course on this subject alone and sell it for more than 300 dollars.

I am a web designer; this is my domain, and I chose to share the information for free + We will create and design the website for you for free. If you chose to get your hosting through our link,

We may get a small commission at no cost to you when you get your hosting through our affiliate link. You will get a discount + free domain name through our link.


Good luck everyone 🙂


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